Advertise-Guardian newspaper

The advert rate of the guardian newspaper is high because its the paper for the elite.

In addition, the Guardian newspaper in line with Government policy has also updated its VAT to 7.5%.

Please take advantage of permanence, pass-on-rate and ease of access to rather place your advertisement in the print media.  

Finally, your advertisements in the print is a wise investment because your audiences are Aristotles and mostly elites.

The Guardian advert rate is standard as a result of it relevance in the industry.

How it all began

Registered as Guardian Newspapers Limited in 1983 by Alex Ibru an entrepreneur, and Stanley Macebuh, a top journalist.

The company published its first edition on 22 February 1983 as a weekly paper every Sunday. It started daily publication on 4 July 1983 with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

Strategic Printing Leadership

The Guardian was a pioneer in introducing high-quality journalism to Nigeria with thoughtful editorial content.

The guardian has been described as “Nigeria’s most respected newspaper” as a result of its elitist story telling style

It has printing presses across strategic location of the country to ease circulation and is most read by the elites. The Guardian Advert rate

Please advertise in guardian newspaper if your target audience are elitist. The Guardian Advert rate