Newspaper Advert Rates
Newspaper Advert Rates

Daily Trust Newspaper

Daily Trust advert rates helps advertisers in many ways apart from increasing profit. Advertising in the right medium can help increase the gain of marketing.

Furthermore, promoting other general interest issues happening around the society through print is key.

Hence advertisements in the Daily trust newspaper will be a decision in the right direction.

Firstly the advert rate of the Daily Trust newspaper comes handy with a measurable standard to advertisers.

But despite this, they have the stringiest discount regime because of an excellent printing press.

In addition, there staff are highly motivated and carry out investigative report fearlessly irrespective of whose horse is gored.

Daily Trust was the first to update it VAT to 7.5% from 5% in February 2020 in line with government policy.

Please take advantage of permanence, pass-on-rate your and ease of access to advertise in the print.

The Evolution of Daily Trustshodevokabiryusuf

The company started with Mallam Kabiru Yusuf as the first Editor-in-Chief, Alhaji Isiaq Ajibola who was the first General Manager and others.

The company started as a weekly publication in March 1998 and launched Daily Trust in January 2001.

Locations in the Country

Media Trust Limited now headquartered in Abuja publishes different titles including in Hausa-language called Aminiya newspapers. Daily Trust Advert rate

The company is arguably the most strategically positioned newspaper in
Nigeria printing wise. Daily Trust offices are located in Lagos, Abuja, Kano
and Maiduguri, four out of six geo-political region of the country.

The Company as a result of it northern background enjoys rallying of the Northern audience. The audience can hardly do without verifying any news from Daily trust.

This created a niche for the paper as the strongest in three out of six regions of the country.

Daily Trust is one of the leading newspaper in Nigeria, so if your target is the North and the public sector, Daily Trust has the answer.  Daily Trust Advert Rate