This product is a combination of Cassave flour, Soyabeans and guinea corn, among other things. 

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The three main ingredients used to produce CAAPVITA share a couple of benefits namely;

  • Regulation of blood sugar levels thus effectively managing diabetes
  • Expansion of blood vessels to allow for better blood flow thus managing hypertension,
  • Management of gut chemical balance thus reducing the risk of colon cancer,
  • All three raw materials are high in anti-oxidants which help to manage oxidative stress in the body thus eliminating the risk of many harmful diseases in the body especially cancer.
  • Maintenance of cardiovascular health through the break down or synthesizing of cholesterol,
  • CAAPVITA is high in protein which is supplied by both guinea corn and soyabeans,
  • Weight regulation; CAAPVITA compounds form complexes with starch and protein in the digestive tract that provides a feeling of fullness or satiety and reduces overeating.


  • N1000 per 1kg

  • N9800 for a 10kg bag of 10 packs.

  • Supply charges apply.

  • Nation wide distributors wanted.


No. 4 Ngozi Okonjo Iweala Way, FCT Science and Technology Incubation Centre.

Contact Numbers:

08024950176, 08066120828, 09032576222, 08036321885

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