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7 Ways to Improve Your Business in 2020


To remain relevant and survive in today’s business world, there is need to constantly evolve new ideas that will add value to the product or service offering of an organization. One of the critical input needed to be carried out by managers of businesses are evaluation of current status vis-à-vis previous input to determine way forward.

Please find below some of the steps that will help an organization improve their Business in 2020:


  1. First of all, setting goals and objectives is a top priority to seeing greater success in business. This helps to keep your business in focus and not delving into distractions or activities that was not planned for.
  2. Also, evaluate your business to know its current position. What are the challenges hindering success, did you engage any marketing activities and what is the output? How much debt are you owing and more probing questions for the health of the business.
  3. Similarly, be open to event in your industry. The only thing that remain permanent is change. Every business operate in a niche and not on an island. Consistent Study of industry trend will help you stay competitive. Stay current on trends or you lose out of happenings in your industry.
  4. Another step is to engage best approach by making your process transparent. Let your request response rate is done ASAP, no ambiguity in your communications script, clear product or service descriptions, your receptionists are courteous and your after sales service are well communicated.
  5. In addition, a proper book keeping will makes it easier to analyze your business performance as a result save you from impending losses. The cash out-flow and in-flow enables you to know if the month or year will end well rather than wait till it end. Spend quality time keeping current on cash flow. If possible, hire an accountant.  
  6. Cost Effective Marketing: The secret to creating a cost effective is to optimize your limited budget. Use Integrated Marketing Communications agency. Seek out low-budget, high-impact marketing strategies to improve your small business. You should build a social presence even more. 
  7. Above all is to motivate your workforce to be able to influence and raise productivity in the way the management wants to. Learn what motivates your employees.


To realize improved business, take actions on the above steps.

We hope this insight will add to your knowledge and bring desired value to you.

Thank you.  

Green Life Initiative

In a bid to save the environmental from degradation and to preserve the well-being of mankind, Green Life Initiative, a movement for the education, awareness, restoration and preservation of our environment towards ensuring sustainable development was born.

Trade and Sustainable Development
Trade and Sustainable Development

The Green Life initiative agenda is in cognizance with the Global agenda: Sustainable Development Goals which focuses on Planet, People and prosperity. We recognize the growing poverty, environmental degradation, extreme weather condition and the growing urbanization in Nigeria and across Africa.