Best Advertising tips for your Business

Creating your Ad

  1. Describe your ad’s audience using demographics and psychographics.
  2. Determine where this audience consumes content.
  3. Establish how your brand/product will be positioned.
  4. Set company goals for this advertisement.
  5. Identify the advertisement’s channel and format.
  6. Write the ad’s primary text copy.
  7. Incorporate persuasive messaging into your ad copy.
  8. Add a natural call to action and/or callback to your logo.
  9. Adapt the design for your brand, ad channel, and ad format.

What Are Psychographics?

Psychographics are kind of like demographics. Psychographic information might be your buyer’s habits, hobbies, spending habits and values. Demographics explain “who” your buyer is, while psychographics explain “why” they buy. Demographic information includes gender, age, income, marital status – the dry facts. 

You can only effectively reach your target audience when you understand both their demographics and psychographics.

Therefore, the combination of both sets of data will help to form your buyer persona. A detailed picture of the people you work with now, and would like to work with in the future.

Let’s create a very basic buyer persona based upon what we know about the ideal customer for a nutritional counselor. Here goes!

Demographic Information:

  •  Female
  •  Aged 45-65
  •  Married, with children
  •  Dealing with issues of weight gain, diabetes, lack of energy or hormonal imbalance
  •  Household income $100K+

Psychographic Information:

  •  Concerned with health and appearance
  •  You wants a healthy lifestyle, yet does not have much time
  •  Enjoys going online in the evenings, big fan of Pinterest
  •  Tends to favor quality over economy
  •  Finds fulfillment in her career and family
  •  Values time with a small group of friends

Looking at the two lists above, it’s easy to see why you need both. To use demographics alone will make you have only a very hazy outline of your audience.

A situation where you understand the challenges of your prospect however do not know where to find or what really moves her to action.

Finally, psychographics gives you so much more insight into your audience behaviour.

Tips for creating great Ad

  1. Select an attractive name for your product or service.
  2. Create a one liner that best describes your product. .
  3. Include wow factor through use of color.
  4. Include background music.
  5. Use humor where possible.
  6. Keep the advertisement brief.
  7. Don’t over-complicate your ad.

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