Shodevo Global Ventures Nigeria Limited is an integrated marketing communications based in Abuja with partners in Abuja and Lagos. We engage Integrated Marketing Communication approach where the different mix is fused to create a seamless experience for our clients.

We help in value advertising and cost effective mechanism that bring out the best in Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This is to bring experience of Return on Investment.

We bring to our clients over two decades experience from multi-media background, agency knowledge and industry certified hands to providing a return on investment solution services.

Presentation of Approach

globalized touch


How We Do it Here

At Shodevo Global Ventures, our strategy to get good result in any situation is rooted in sound research.

Shodevo focuses on client’s return on investment as an approach to conduct market and target audience research to create solution for our clients.

The Integrated Marketing Communications Mix

Advert Space

Advertising has become lot easier, that’s why at Shodevo Global Ventures Nigeria Limited. We include our clients through the process of conceptualizing messages that will guaranty return on investment.

Shodevo Global add value to your Investment by engaging the best platform that will ensure return on investment for your budget.

The company showcase your product or service in a visual way to customers on websites that partner with Google

Shodevo Global deliver rich and engaging experience to customers through websites that partner with Google.

The ventures build and manage the reputation of our clients, bringing them out of negative reviews to great reviews.


To be a global actor in the  Integrated Marketing Communications Consultancy.

Shodevo Global wants to reach as many MSMEs as possible using consistent proactive integrated marketing communications best practices.

The company wants solution to all integrated marketing problems for SME businesses across the nation starting from Abuja.


The company is committed to bringing customer centric experience to every business.

Using updated innovations that makes for Return on Investment of all transactions.

This we do building a relationship client based using superior services that add value and give a lasting experience.